Language & Translation Sample: Common Misconceptions about other Languages

Common Misconceptions about other Languages By Brian Thomas Armstrong Simple misconceptions about other languages, cultures, and societies are nothing new to the world, nor to the World-Wide-Web. Most of the public’s confusion about the subject of other languages is usually started by misunderstandings in translations and cultural differences in perception. The Fifty Eskimo Words for […]

Middle East Conflict Geopolitical Sample: The Kurdish Peshmerga: Historically Fierce and Progressive Fighters

The Kurdish Peshmerga: Historically Fierce and Progressive Fighters By Brian Thomas Armstrong Peshmerga is a Kurdish pronunciation that literally means “those who confront death.” The term is used by Kurds in reference to armed Kurdish fighters. The Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan originated from the independence movement that followed after the collapse of the Ottoman and Qajar empires in the early 1920s, the […]

Assorted Published Gaming Reviews

Gaming Reviews KSP: Simulation of the Speed of Light, or Science Fiction? The Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator that was developed by Squad, a small independent development team. The first public availability of the game was released in June of 2011. The program currently runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux […]